Welcome to the Dennis & Gnasher Blast in Beanotown Wiki!  EPIC, free to play, multiplayer 3D action game - from The Beano.  Develop your skills, collect resources, upgrade your gadgets, defeat the grown ups and progress to become the ULTIMATE MENACE!   Game is avaialble for iPad - get it from the App Store .

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Dennis & Gnasher Blast In Beanotown App Trailer-0

Dennis & Gnasher Blast In Beanotown App Trailer-0

Game Modes

  • Beanotown Football : Play as a team to score goals & blast the adults with junk!
  • Dennis Defence : Protect Dennis while he builds his epic menace balloon
  • Menace Mayhem : Blast adults & other players! Only the best menace will win out!


Gadgets are used to blast adults (and other players in Menace Mayhem mode).  There are 7 gadgets - each with 2 types of ammo.  Detailed specs, hints & tips on the Gadget page .

  1. Muck Chucker - Ammo: Stinky Mud & Skumk Spray (unlocked L1)
  2. Catapult  - Ammo: Rotten Tomatoes & Snowballs (unlocked L1)
  3. Junk-o-nator  - Ammo: Trash & Rotten Pumpkins (unlocked L5)
  4. Gumball Glooper  - Ammo: Bubble Gum & Snot Gum  (unlocked L10)
  5. F.A.R.T   - Ammo: Nappies (Diapers) & Beans (purchase in shop)
  6. Malletwhacker  - Ammo: Ping-pong Balls & Tennis Balls (purchase in shop)
  7. Fruitzooka  - Ammo: Sour Grapes & Watermelon  (purchase in shop)

The Grown Ups

Fun-hating adults patrol the streets of Beanotown

Beanotown Map Buildings

Beanotown is based on the town featured in the Beano Comic and is the home of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. In Beanotown Football game mode you get to explore the full game level. In Dennis Defence and Menace Mayhem you play in defined areas of the map.  

For hints and tips of how to best get around Beanotown - check out the Beanotown Map Buildings page

  1. Dennis & Gnasher's Treehouse  
  2. Haunted House 
  3. Beanotown Town Hall  
  4. Bash Street School  
  5. Skate Park
  6. Cinema
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